As we edge closer to the new site switching over, we are looking at additional features, storage and the future of WoS.

At the moment, the site takes up nearly 250gb - including the database size (approximately 2.5gb). This doesn't include books.

So, moving forward, we will be adding books next - these will be similar to the magazines pages, followed by software, hardware, and the rest of the old WoS data.

2018 will see us integrating the forums more into WoS. This means users will log onto WoS in general, and allow users to vote for software, comment on each database entry, as well as other goodies associated with personal accounts. We will also be integrating the majority of the forums into Infoseek. Add to this the language translations, text versions of scans and other work we are preparing for, there is a lot going on!

Finally, we are looking at lifting download restrictions as per old WoS.

At the moment, the server is rapidly filling up. We still have over 1tb files to process from publishers that have kindly donated images, games development documents and other material. A lot won't make it onto WoS, but this leaves us needing a bigger server. We would also like to replace the magazine pages with the new hi-res scans, but at the moment this isn't possible.

We have been asked several times over the years whether donations can be made, and we have always refused. However with the new data we can potentially add, this pushes the hosting price beyond a hobby price. Therefore, we are now accepting donations towards hosting.

Below is a list of possible servers, and their yearly costs. Clearly the more space we have the better the site will be.

In the event that funding is more than needed, we will look at what is left over and donate the remainder to either the national video games arcade, or the centre for computing history, or both depending how much is raised.

Please Note: If you wish to make monthly donations, please indicate this in the paypal notes so that we can calculate a yearly total.

We have been asked to also set up a patreon account for those wishing to avoid paypal. You can donate via patreon here.


Server 1 (£1152pa)
  • 4 core Intel Processor
  • 12GB RAM
  • 2 x 1TB SATA HDD (RAID 1)
This is the server the site is currently running on. At this level, the site will have the same data it currently has, with no room for hi-res scans, additional inlays, screenshots, etc - and little space remaining new features. This server has 1Tb usable storage. However when a backup is taken, it is also stored on the server. This gives us a 1-2 day retention for backups.
Server 2 (£1584pa)
  • 4-core Intel i5-4690
  • 32GB RAM
  • 2 x 2TB SATA HDD (RAID 1)
  • 2 x 120GB SSD (RAID 1)
This server is ideal as a "next step" as there is ample space available for the new data. We can also take advantage of the SSD drive for cached database results. Initially we will also be able to retain backups for longer periods. Ideally we would then transfer the backups to server 1.
Server 3 (£3888pa)
  • Intel E5-2630 V3
  • 8 cores (16 threads)
  • 64GB RAM DDR4
  • 6 x 1TB SATA storage drive (RAID 5)
  • 2 x 250GB SSD system drive (RAID 1)
At this level, we have ample storage and are future-proof for some time. At this level we can also offer backup space to other projects. For example storing original copies of youtube videos.
Server 4 (£5328pa)
  • 2 x Intel E5-2650 V3
  • 20 cores (40 threads)
  • 128GB RAM DDR4 ECC
  • 6 x 2TB SATA storage drive (RAID 5)
  • 2 x 500GB SSD system drive (RAID 1)
The beast! At this level, we can offer hosting to other retro sites, store anything and everything! Usable space will be around 9Tb. It's highly unlikely we would use this as an option as it's over-kill. However, it gives an indication of costs. Funding at this level would be better spent on two smaller servers instead.